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At FamilyWise, We Bring Out The Best In Children
And Families Every Day!

FamilyWise Behavior Solutions is a high-quality, trustworthy and experienced Behavior Health Center of Excellence (BHCOE) accredited autism learning clinic and is considered one of the best in Eastern Connecticut. We are now serving communities in and around Colchester, Groton, and Windham! 

FamilyWise's Applied Behavior Analysis services (ABA services) are designed to increase your child's ability to learn language, social skills, and life skills while decreasing challenging behaviors. Our services are tailored to your child's unique needs, behaviors and temperament. 

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Welcome to the FamilyWise Family!

Raising an exceptional child can be challenging for parents and families, but we are here for you! Whether you have just started to suspect that your child might meet the criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), or you are seeking new resources for helping a child with an established ASD diagnosis, we can help you get started with transformative Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services quickly.

Our interventions are evidence-based, trauma-informed and our work is heart-centered and respectful. We support your child to learn and grow while increasing positive behaviors such as respect, cooperation, and self-control.

What is ABA?


Every behavior has a story behind it: What triggered the behavior, the behavior itself, and what happens afterward that makes the behavior likely (or unlikely) to happen again. ABA lets us learn the story behind each behavior so that we can make changes to that story. When we understand the story we then work  to make desirable behaviors happen more, and undesirable behaviors happen less. We can also use this process to teach children new skills!

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ABA relies on collecting data about those behavior stories. That data is used by our expert Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) to create individualized behavior plans for every child and then monitor their effectiveness. The data shows us when a program is working well and when it needs adjusting. Our Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) implement the programs designed by the BCBAs and collect data as they go, working closely with the BCBAs to ensure that the whole team is up to date on everything that happens with your child’s ABA therapy.

At FamilyWise we believe in naturalistic ABA practices. Our clinic settings are bright, cozy, and fun! They are filled with engaging toys and activities that excite children and make ABA learning enjoyable. Coupled with the compassionate and caring approach of our staff, ABA learning at FamilyWise is an experience children look forward to every day!

What Can ABA Do For My Child
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ABA Works for a Wide Variety of Behaviors and Skills

With ABA, we can help kids:

  • Develop Social, Academic, & Life Skills

  • Increase Language Development

  • Decrease Tantrums & Meltdowns

  • Reduce Power & Control Issues

  • Decrease Oppositional Defiance

  • Increase Sharing and Turn-Taking

  • Learn Toileting & Other Daily Living Skills

  • Increase Coping & Self-Calming Skills

  • Increase Motivation & Cooperation for Chores, Homework, or Hygiene tasks

And because we know that kids need to be able to work on these skills and behaviors at home, not just in the clinic, we offer supportive parent coaching so you can learn the strategies we use and implement them too!

Is ABA Covered By Insurance?

ABA Is Covered by Insurance

ABA has been extensively researched and is supported by a large body of evidence that points to it being an extremely effective treatment for ASD. Because of this, it is covered by most insurance companies! We can help you find out what your particular plan covers as part of our quick and easy enrollment process. Currently we accept Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Optum, United Behavioral Health, and Connecticare.

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Early Intervention is Key!

One of the points that research has shown us time and time again is the importance of early intervention. When services begin in early childhood, the impact on outcomes later in life is much greater. This does not mean that an older child cannot benefit from starting ABA, far from it! But it does mean that the time to call and get started is now. We are happy to answer any and all of your questions as we walk you every step of the way through our enrollment process. We want you to feel comfortable and confident that you are making the best choice for your child and family! 

How Do I Get Started?

At FamilyWise we pride ourselves on our partnerships with parents, and that starts with the first phone call. So let’s get to know each other! Call today and tell us about your child’s needs and how we can help. We’re looking forward to getting to know you.

What Can I Expect?
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We Are Proud To Take This Journey With You!

ABA is a journey we will take together as partners. Like other forms of therapy, ABA is most effective when services are consistent and communication is ongoing. When we are all committed to the best outcomes for your family and child, ABA can be a truly transformative intervention, and we want that for you!

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1. First Contact 

Call us or use the contact form below to reach out. When we first connect we will get some basic information about your child, their insurance, where you are in the ASD diagnostic process, and plan our next steps.

2. Referral & Insurance

We will then obtain a referral from your child’s pediatrician and initiate contact with the insurance company to verify that ABA is covered by your plan. You can sit back and relax on this one, we’ve got it handled!

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3. Meet Your BCBA

Your BCBA will meet with you for a more in-depth conversation about your family’s needs and begin the assessment process to get a better understanding of your child’s development and what some preliminary goals might be. Additional assessment sessions may be needed prior to creating your child’s treatment plan, depending on what gets covered during this first meeting.

4. Clinic Tour

If your initial meeting with the BCBA does not happen at the clinic, you may come take a tour on another day. We will show you around and help you get a feel for what our day looks like and how our space feels. You can meet our wonderful office staff and RBTs to get acquainted with the larger FamilyWise team before your child begins services.

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5. Finalizing the Initial Treatment Plan

Your BCBA will set up a meeting with you to go over the initial treatment plan prior to your child’s first day at the clinic. This is another great opportunity for you to share details about your child and weigh in on the proposed plan.

6. Starting Services

Now the really fun stuff begins! Your child will attend one of our three clinics. Which one depends on convenience for you as well as where we currently have openings. But don’t worry, this will have been agreed on much earlier in the process. Your child will meet their team of RBTs one at a time and get to know them through fun pairing activities to build their relationship.

Your BCBA will stay in contact with you regarding your child’s progress, and you are welcome and encouraged to reach out at any time with questions or concerns. Your child’s progress will be reviewed with you at regular intervals, but the exact schedule will depend on the requirements of your insurance company. Over time, with consistent attendance, you will begin to see changes in your child’s behaviors and growth in their skills.

Do keep in mind that ABA, as effective as it is, is not a magic wand. It takes time to see the desired changes. However, when those changes come, they can be life-changing! Read a few testimonials from our past and present client families to see how ABA at FamilyWise made a difference for their children.

Quality Time

What Clients Say

“Almost 4 years ago, Ember was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2. She began receiving in-home services through Birth to 3, then transitioned to receiving services from FamilyWise...  She’s made so much progress and tested so well that it’s pretty clear she no longer needs ANY services! We can't believe how far she's come and we’re just in awe of how much she's grown and learned." — Hannah B.


Let’s Get Started!

If you haven’t called us already, you can do that now or fill out the contact form below. You will be a valued member of our FamilyWise Family, and we are excited to meet you and your child! Parenting exceptional kids is hard, but we support you through it every step of the way.

Contact Us
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Contact Us

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Contact us for a compassionate and customized plan for your child.


ABA therapy, Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs), Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs), and more services are available in a clinic setting for your child.

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